The Origins

VRSD was founded as the answer to a set of classic consumer questions - what spirit do I buy? What one is good value? What one tastes good? What one works well in my favourite cocktail? The idea was simple - to create a range of spirits across the board that consumers can rely on as being typical of their kind, premium, great value and totally delicious. And so VRSD was born.

Founders Varun and Jamie have nearly 20 years experience in the drinks trade, creating brands and marketing wines and spirits. At VRSD we have a strong set of values, which have been at the forefront of everything we do since day 1.

The Making of

Our 7 step development process ensures every spirit we craft is absolutely fit for purpose. We vow to leave no stone unturned, to be rigorous and precise when researching, testing and ultimately producing every bottle of VRSD.

We want our customers to have full visibility of our production process. From the suppliers we source ingredients from, to the mixologists we consult with and the producers we work with, we’ll make sure you have a clear view of the liquid that goes into your spirits.

The VRSD Difference

At VRSD the liquid in the bottle is our most significant priority. Where other brands may spend lots of money on fancy bottles, packaging or marketing gimmickry, we keep things simple. So you can be assured that when you buy a bottle from us, you’re getting a truly premium liquid that’s always fit for purpose.

The Result

To put it simply, every bottle of VRSD has been engineered to be quintessential and highly premium. No marketing gimmicks, no super expensive bottles or packaging, just great spirits across the board, no matter what you drink.

Wondering what spirit to buy? What spirit is good value? What spirit tastes good? What spirit works well in your favourite cocktail?

The answer is here. The answer is VRSD.